Yuta Sugiura
(last update: 12th Mar, 2014)

Research Area
  • Soft User Interface and Robotics
  • Human-robot Collaboration
  • Entertainment Computing





Research Projects

FuwaFuwa: Detecting Shape Deformation of Soft Objects Using Directional Photoreflectivity Measurement (2009.12-, SIGGRAPH 2011 E-Tech, UIST 2011)

PINOKY: A Ring That Animates Your Plush Toys (2011.5-, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 E-Tech, CHI 2012)

Walky: Direct Operation Method with Self-projectable Finger Gesture for Bipedal Robots (2009.8-, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 E-Tech)

An Operating Method for a Bipedal Walking Robot for Entertainment (2006.9-2007.11)

Cooking with Robots: Designing a Household System Working in Open Environments (2009.3-, CHI 2010, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 E-Tech)

Foldy: Graphical Instruction for Garment-Folding Robot (2008.9-, SIGGRAPH 2009 E-Tech)

Noopy: Making Robot Application (2009.1-, on Sale)

A Thin Stretchable Interface for Tangential Force Measurement (2012.11-, UIST 2012)

Pressure Detection on Mobile Phone By Camera and Flash (2013.12-, AH 2014)
Present Information Through Afterimage with Eyes Closed (2013.5-, AH 2014)
MyRin: Control Motion of Robots through Spatial Difference of Power Supply from a Two Dimensional Communication Sheet (2013.8-, ICAT 2013 Demo)
Graffiti Fur (2014.8-, EC 2013)
SenSkin: adapting skin as a soft interface (2013.1-, UIST 2013)
Multi-touch Steering Wheel for in-car Tertiary Applications using Infrared Sensors (2013.1-, AH 2014)
Cuddly: Enchant Your Soft Objects with a Mobile Phone (2012.11-, ROBOMEC 2013)
Real time visual operational support interface to display a third person view of a camera suspended from a floating balloon (2013.1-, ROBOMEC 2013)
FlashTouch: data communication through touchscreens (2012.6-, CHI 2013)
Tangential force sensing system on forearm (2012.8-, AH 2013)
PukaPuCam - Life Logging System through a Third Person's View Using a Camera Attached to Balloons (2011.6-, )
Reality Jockey: To Confuse the Perception of Reality through Mixing the Past with Audio and Haptic Feedback (2011.11-, CHI2013)

Pygmy: A Ring-like Anthropomorphic Device That Animates the Human Hand (2011.6-, APCHI 2012, CHI 2012 Interactivity)
iRing: Intelligent Ring Using Infrared Reflection (2012.2-, UIST 2012)

PHOENIX-LETTERS: Designing Special Messages with Burning Patterns in a Microwave Oven (2010.6-7, EC 2010)

ImpAct: Immersive Haptic Stylus (2008.4-, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 E-Tech, WHC 2011 demo)
RoboJockey: real-time, simultaneous, and continuous creation of robot actions for everyone (2010.1-, ACE 2010)

An Actuated Physical Puppet as an Input Device for Controlling a DigitalManikin (2008-, CHI 2011)
MYGLOBE : Cognitive Map as Communication Media (2008.4-, SIGGRAPH 2009 Posters)
An Online Communication System to Encourage Rapid Decision Making (2009.3)

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